High Holiday Webinars

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5783 High Holiday Webinars

The Journey Toward Repentance and Forgiveness
with Rabbi Eliezer Diamond
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All of us want to repent, but we don’t necessarily have a game plan. The nature of forgiveness is also not clear to many of us. Drawing upon the teachings of Maimonides, Rav Kook, and Twelve Step literature, we will chart a course toward achieving both of these goals.

Bridging Dust and Divinity in the Days of Awe:
Unpacking the Unetaneh Tokef Prayer
with Rabbi Mychal Springer
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We will explore this prayer that stands at the heart of the Yamim Noraim (Days of Awe), with its stark juxtapositions of who shall live and who shall die, its haunting evocation of a celestial ledger, which is also a Book of Life. This prayer gives voice to human hopes and fears, inviting us to wrestle with our mortality, potentially helping us to align with the divine.

5782 High Holiday Webinar

Atonement: An Interplay Between the Individual and the Community

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5781 High Holiday Webinars

Faith, Forgiveness and Prayer:
Finding Meaning in the Days of Awe

God of the Faithful, God of the Faithless:
Belief and Doubt in Prayer
with Rabbi Jan Uhrbach
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Seeking and Offering Forgiveness:
What are We Doing and How Do We Do It?
with Rabbi Eliezer Diamond
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From Self-Interest to Self-Surrender: Confronting the Challenges of Prayer
with Dr. Benjamin D. Sommer
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Restoring Balance: Exploring an Ancient
Paradigm for Moving Beyond Our Mistakes

with Rabbi Julia Andelman
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