JTS is a preeminent institution of Jewish higher education, training thoughtful, innovative leaders—rabbis, cantors, educators, lay leaders, and scholars—who strengthen our communities with a vision of Judaism that is deeply grounded in the Jewish past and thoroughly engaged with contemporary society. JTS also provides high-caliber lifelong learning and professional development to our alumni, adult learners, and Jewish communities throughout North America. Through its Library, JTS preserves and makes accessible to students and scholars throughout the world the greatest collection of Judaica in the Western Hemisphere.

Students at JTS enjoy an unparalleled depth and breadth of resources. They are taught by a world-renowned faculty offering the most extensive Jewish Studies program in North America, as well as professional mentors deeply committed to developing the next generation of Jewish leaders. The five schools of JTS include an undergraduate college, a rabbinical school, a cantorial school, a graduate school of education, and a graduate school for Jewish studies. We are also home to cutting-edge centers for pastoral education, spiritual arts, interreligious dialogue, immersive programs in Israel, and a unique program in social entrepreneurship. 

JTS students come from varied backgrounds, but they share a passion for and commitment to Jewish life and learning, and a devotion to bringing Judaism alive for the next generation. The passion of our students and faculty can be felt in the classroom, the Beit Midrash, and The Library; at daily prayers, in community learning programs, and in the pursuit of social justice. 

For over 130 years, JTS has served as the intellectual and spiritual center of Conservative Judaism and the vital religious center. Through our training of outstanding leaders and our engagement with Jewish communities, we strengthen Jewish life in North America and remain a key voice in the ongoing conversation about American Judaism.