The Kekst Graduate School of JTS educates scholars and professional leaders for academia, the Jewish community, and beyond. Kekst is the scholarly heart of JTS.  It is unique in the experience it offers students:  a Jewish Studies faculty and library of unparalleled breadth and depth; rigorous study of Jewish texts in original languages and cultural contexts; engagement with scholarship that matters for the Jewish future, in a community enlivened by rabbinical, cantorial, education, and undergraduate schools; and the boundless professional and cultural opportunities of Manhattan.

The Kekst Graduate School  offers the most extensive academic program in advanced Jewish studies in North America. It awards master’s and doctoral degrees in numerous areas of specialization, ranging from Ancient Judaism to Modern Jewish Studies and from Jewish Gender and Women’s Studies to Jewish Ethics. Students delve deeply into their chosen areas of focus while acquiring broad-based knowledge of the Jewish experience.

Students at the Kekst School study as part of a diverse and committed community of scholars. Professional development is a significant part of their experience, with students given the opportunity to present their research and develop skills while being mentored by faculty during their student days and beyond. Alumni of the Graduate School serve successfully as professors, educators, organizational leaders, professionals, lay leaders, and more.


A Breadth and Depth of Resources

With more than 45 full-time Jewish studies faculty, the Kekst School offers cutting-edge scholarship and unparalleled training in Jewish studies.

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Non-Degree Program

At the Kekst School you can pursue Jewish studies at the highest level without enrolling in a degree program.

Non-Degree Program

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