Cantors bring meaning and beauty to worship and punctuate the life cycle through music. H. L. Miller Cantorial School and College of Jewish Music is the single most comprehensive accredited program in Jewish liturgy and nusah (the musical modes and melodies by which the liturgy is expressed) available in North America. Our deep training in Jewish music is complemented by innovative approaches to prayer, spiritual leadership, and education that prepare students to shape joyful and soulful Jewish communities.

Who It’s For

H. L. Miller Cantorial School seeks students with a breadth of professional vision and a passion for Jewish life in community. Artists anchored in Jewish sacred music thrive here as students and emerging Jewish spiritual leaders, ready to make a distinct and vital contribution to Jewish religious life in North America.

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A Record of Success

Our three- to five-year program has an enviable record of success in training hazzanim. We prepare students for cantorial ordination, upon which they earn the title of hazzan (cantor) and the academic degree of master of Sacred Music. Following ordination, all of our graduates are inducted into the Cantors Assembly, the professional network that supports them in their careers, helps provide for their continuing education, and offers welcome fellowship in a specialized field.

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