About The Summer Rabbinic Learning Conference

Our Summer Rabbinic Learning Conference brings rabbis to our New York campus for an intensive learning experience with JTS’s outstanding scholars. It’s also a time for spiritual reflection, socializing with colleagues, and exploring New York City. 

Recent Topics


Expanding the Jewish Canon, Expanding Your Rabbinic Repertoire

Co-sponsored by The Rabbinical Assembly

Three days of study transforming the textual heritage drawn upon by rabbis, incorporating voices that have been marginalized historically—including women, Jews of color, LGBTQ Jews, and those with disabilities. JTS faculty and other scholars introduce new voices into the canon as well as offer tools to read ancient texts through new lenses. Participants explore how to use these diversified texts to reach the broad spectrum of community members through their teaching, in the hopes of creating more inclusive communities. 


Beyong the Huppah: A Rabbinic Learning Conference on Working with Interfaith Families

Interfaith families have become an important constituency in Conservative communities, notwithstanding the prohibition on offciating at interfaith wedding ceremonies. What language and conceptual frameworks can we develop for connecting in substantive and sustained ways with interfaith families? What skills and resources can we cultivate—pastoral, ritual, educational, and communal—to keep interfaith couples and their children engaged apart from their wedding ceremonies? How can we approach other key moments in the lives of interfaith couples as unique opportunities for us to serve as their rabbis and to foster deep connections to Jewish tradition and Jewish community?


Moral Leadership in Jewish Text and Tradition

In-depth Torah study delving into key questions of moral leadership, dissent and resistance, the prophetic voice, mysticism and the moral life, and more.


These are some of the distinguished faculty who have taught at the Summer Rabbinic Learning Conference. 

What People Are Saying

“This should be on every rabbi’s summer to-do list!”
Rabbi Ethan Witkovsky (RS ’14), Park Avenue Synagogue, New York, NY

“There is no doubt in my mind that this program makes me a better rabbi for my congregants and for my own professional health. This is what makes the difference between a rabbi who simply is there at their job and a rabbi that is INSPIRED to function at the highest level possible.”
Rabbi David Kaiman (RS ’03), Congregation Bnai Israel, Gainesville, FL

“The chance to connect with colleagues and learn with JTS faculty is invaluable. All professionals need continuing education to remain sharp—this conference helps provide this essential opportunity for rabbis.”
Rabbi Dan Selsberg (Ziegler ’06), Temple Sholom, Bridgewater, NJ

“The conference offered me the opportunity to learn with inspiring JTS faculty along with treasured colleagues and friends old and new. Exhilarating!”
Rabbi Debra Cantor (RS ’88), Neshama @ B’nai Tikvoh-Sholom, Bloomfield, CT

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Julia  Andelman

Julia Andelman

Director of Community Engagement

As JTS’s director of community engagement, Rabbi Julia Andelman oversees adult learning programs across North America, digital learning, continuing rabbinic education, millennial engagement, and Prozdor. Since joining JTS in 2013, she has initiated livestreaming of JTS’s public lectures, created a video studio for digital learning programs, developed high-level curricula for congregations and other settings, and increased continuing rabbinic education tenfold.

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