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JTS offers multiple opportunities for adult learners across the globe to study online with our renowned faculty. Join an online course on your own or, if you’re an organizational leader, work with us to create a customized learning program for your community.

Join an Online Course

JTS offers online courses that create live, interactive opportunities for study with top-caliber scholars. Encounter compelling Jewish scholarship that brings the texts and wisdom of our tradition to bear on contemporary dilemmas. Courses delve deeply into specific areas of Jewish text, history, philosophy, religion, arts, and literature. 

Who It’s For  

Adult learners across the globe are invited to participate in our live online courses. All levels and types of Jewish learning background are welcome for most courses. Select courses are offered at an advanced level.

JTS also offers online learning programs designed specifically for Jewish clergy.

Biblical Hebrew at JTS

Would you like to read the Bible in the original on your own, without needing to rely on a translation? Enhance your understanding of and appreciation for the Biblical text through JTS’s online Biblical Hebrew program, which offers beginner through advanced courses.

Learn more about Biblical Hebrew at JTS

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