Conservative Judaism

For more than 100 years, Conservative Judaism has been one of the major streams of Judaism in North America and, more recently, in Israel and throughout the world. It represents a unique blend of fidelity to Jewish tradition and thoughtful responses to modernity. As JTS Chancellor Arnold Eisen has written, “the commitment to substantial continuity to our tradition’s beliefs and practices, achieved in part by careful and loving change to meet new circumstances, is exactly what has defined Conservative Judaism from the outset and guided both its thinking and its practice.”

In his essay collection, Conservative Judaism Today and Tomorrow, Chancellor Eisen writes that people remain drawn to Conservative Judaism because of what it stands for: “substantial engagement with Judaism as it has long been taught and practiced, along with equally full engagement with the society and culture of which Jews are now a full part.”

“At our best,” he writes, Conservative Jews “exhibit a quiet confidence that living fully in this century and its culture at the same time as we immerse ourselves in Jewish tradition is what Torah wants us to do.”

We invite you to delve into the richness of Conservative Judaism by exploring the chancellor’s essays, as well as the myriad educational resources found on our website at JTS Torah Online. There you’ll discover a wide-ranging collection of today’s most compelling conversations, research, and teaching from outstanding leaders in Jewish scholarship and education.

Conservative Movement Affiliates

JTS has played a key role in the development of many Conservative Movement institutions and is proud to be affiliated with the following organizations: