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The Library of JTS regularly offers events, exhibits, and book talks as part of our series, “Between the Lines: Author Conversations from The JTS Library.” Check the calendar on this page for upcoming events or find out in advance by signing up for updates. 

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Mar 13

Between the Lines: Perfect Enemy

Online | Book Talks

Alex Sinclair will be joining JTS to discuss his new book Perfect Lines, an exciting, suspenseful thriller that poses uncomfortable questions about trauma and revenge, the desire for peace, religious extremism, and the schisms of the Middle East.

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Mar 20

Between the Lines: Between Two Worlds

Online | Book Talks

Historian Robin Judd, whose grandmother survived the Holocaust and married an American soldier after liberation, introduces us to the Jewish women who lived through genocide and went on to wed American, Canadian, and British military personnel after the war.

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Apr 11

Between the Lines: A Judeo-Arabic Parody of the Life of Jesus

Online | Book Talks

In her latest book, Miriam Goldstein provides the first-ever examination of the Judeo-Arabic versions of Toledot Yeshu (TY), the notorious parody of the life of Jesus originating in Late Antiquity, as well as a full edition and translation of Judeo-Arabic TY texts from their earliest fragmentary witnesses through their early modern copies.

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May 7

Between the Lines: The Boy with the Star Tattoo

Online | Book Talks

JTS presents a book talk with author Talia Carner about her newest book The Boy With the Star Tattoo, an epic historical novel of ingenuity and courage, of love and loss.

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