H. L. Miller Cantorial School prepares skilled cantors for today’s communities. Our comprehensive three- to five-year program teaches mastery of the Jewish musical tradition and effective, inspiring religious leadership. 


Internships provide opportunities for learning cantorial skills in synagogue settings.

  • Generously funded, students work with cantors and rabbis in the field and process their experiences back in the classroom.
  • The Dor L’Dor program, sponsored by the Cantors Assembly, matches students with experienced cantors who mentor them throughout their years at JTS.

Professional Learning

We provide extensive professional training, ensuring that our students can work successfully in all aspects of synagogue life. Professional education includes experience with:

  • Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE): All students complete a unit of CPE, among the most religiously and professionally formative elements of the program.
  • The Block / Kolker Center for Spiritual Arts: a vital hub at JTS for deep learning and reflection on prayer and the art of prayer leadership, and for innovative approaches to communal prayer
  • Coaching: Students work with master cantors to cultivate a distinctive prayer voice and nuanced performance ability.
  • Summer camp: A required summer at a Ramah camp, including a stipend, provides working experience in one of the most compelling, immersive Jewish communities in North America.

Informal Education

We believe that training through informal education makes for a vital professional. JTS offers:

  • Workshops with master practitioners in Storahtelling, Alexander technique, drumming, and more.
  • Instruction in guitar and piano skill for synagogue use.
  • Subsidized conference attendance at the North American Jewish Choral Festival, Hadar Singing Intensives, and Song Leader Boot Camp.