The doctoral programs at the William Davidson Graduate School of Jewish Education prepare academics and senior professionals to address evolving educational needs in North American Jewish communities. Our graduates go on to hold senior roles as influential educators, researchers, academicians, administrators, and leaders in the field of Jewish education.

Students enrolled in The William Davidson School’s doctoral programs receive deep training in research skills, achieved through both the dissertation and a series of intimate colloquia in which students and faculty come together to present and discuss new research.


Part-time Executive Doctoral Program

Our Executive Doctoral program is best suited for working veteran educators who want to maintain their leadership positions while pursuing doctoral studies part-time.

Executive Doctoral students are given the flexibility to engage with their studies in a series of courses offered online and in seminar-style intensive sessions. Students benefit from:

  • Collaborative research carried out with faculty.
  • Highly customized program plans that they develop in conversation with individual advisors, allowing them to personalize the length and pacing of their studies.
  • A balance of supervision and independence.

To learn more about requirements, specific courses, and tuition, visit our Academic Bulletin.

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Part-time executive doctoral applicants are admitted every two years. The William Davidson School will begin accepting and reviewing applications for the next cohort (which will begin in fall 2024) starting in fall 2023.

Full-time Doctoral Program

Our Full-time Doctoral program is designed for educators who can dedicate their time completely to their doctoral studies.

This track provides an immersive experience in applied research and the chance to work closely on an ongoing basis with The William Davidson School faculty and project directors. Students have the opportunity to:

  • Collaborate with faculty on research.
  • Take an active role in one of The William Davidson School’s educational leadership projects.
  • Consult on projects and new initiatives at the school and in the community.

To learn more about requirements, specific courses, and tuition, visit our Academic Bulletin.

Note: The William Davidson School is not currently accepting applications for the full-time EdD program.