PhD Degree

About the PhD Program

The PhD program at the Gershon Kekst Graduate School provides advanced academic training in broad areas of Judaic scholarship with intensive specialization in one area in preparation for an academic career. The degree certifies that the recipient is qualified to teach a wide range of Judaica at the undergraduate level and to train graduate students in their fields of specialization.

Students pursuing the PhD require a knowledge of foreign languages and may be required to do course work at other institutions participating in a consortium with the Gershon Kekst Graduate School. They also must pursue the degree on a full-time basis.

The ideal fit for the PhD program is a student with an excellent academic record, experience with Hebrew and Jewish studies, and an interest in pursuing advanced Jewish studies at the highest level. PhD students will work in one of our four academic programs of study:

Programs of Study

  • Hebrew Bible and Its Interpretation
  • Rabbinic Literatures and Cultures
  • Medieval and Early Modern Jewish Studies
  • Modern Jewish Studies

To learn more about specific PhD requirement, please visit the Academic Bulletin.