Watering the Soul in Times of Faith and Doubt

By :  Mychal Springer Adjunct Instructor of Professional and Pastoral Skills Posted On May 16, 2022 / 5782 | Monday Webinar Relating to God | Prayer

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Part of the series, Relating to God

With Rabbi Mychal Springer, Manager of Clinical Pastoral Education at New York-Presbyterian Hospital in New York City and Adjunct Professor, JTS

The daily Amidah refers to God as “the One Who Brings Life to the Dead.” This paradox—the holding of life and death together—is central to a life of faith and often plunges people into doubt. We will make space for the “watering of the soul,” both metaphorically and through exploration of the connection between resurrection and water—in the form of rain and dew. 


Relating to God Join JTS scholars to explore what Jewish texts and thought can teach us about how we might understand, experience, and be in relationship with the divine.

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