How Shall It End?

| Shemini Atzeret By :  Gordon Tucker Vice Chancellor for Religious Life and Engagement, Assistant Professor of Jewish Philosophy Posted On Sep 26, 2023 / 5784 | Monday Webinar The Torah of the New Year | Holidays

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With Rabbi Gordon Tucker  

The Torah presents Shemini Atzeret—the “Eighth Day of Assembly”—as an add-on to the seven days of the Sukkot pilgrimage festival. The lulav is set aside, and the sukkah vacated. So, is it a “holiday about nothing”?  Or can we see in it a most meaningful coda to the Days of Awe, in which we learn profound lessons about endings? Through a close reading of Kohelet (Ecclesiastes), the Yizkor prayer, and other significant texts, we explore answers to these questions.   

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Part of the Series, “The Torah of the New Year”

Join JTS faculty for a close reading of several of the biblical texts that we read during the fall holiday season. Discover new insights into these readings and reflect on what meanings they hold for us today.