High Holiday Torah Readings

Rosh Hashanah Torah Reading

Life is Good (Chancellor Emeritus Arnold Eisen)

On Judaism and Islam (Chancellor Emeritus Arnold Eisen): “the close kinship of the two faiths and the intertwining of their destinies are fixed at the very moment that the people Israel comes into existence and enters into covenant with God.”

Shabbat Shuvah

Moses’s Journey, And Ours (Chancellor Shuly Rubin Schwartz): Moses’s response to challenge and the future provides an example for a journey of self-reflection for the Yamim Noraim

The Bluebird Inside Our Hearts (Rabbi Mordecai Schwartz)

Yom Kippur Haftarah

Is This the Fast I Desire (Rabbi Julia Andelman): “The haftarah is a sharp indictment of the notion that ritual practice and moral behavior can exist in separate realms.”

Ki Tavo

Shattering Our Idols (Rabbi Matthew Berkowitz)

The World Belongs to God (Rabbi Lewis Warshauer)


Choosing to Choose (Rabbi Jan Uhrbach): Self Creation as part of the process of Creation

Safe in God’s Memory (Rabbi Mychal Springer): Wisdom from the Torah emerges for each person

Moving Forward Meaningfully by (Rabbi Matthew Berkowitz)

We Need Each Other (Rabbi Daniel Nevins): Community is found accross time and space


Finding God and Ourselves Anew (Rabbi Matthew Berkowitz)

A World Without Teshuvah (Chancellor Emeritus Ismar Schorsch)

Aharai Mot

Is This the Fast I Desire? (Rabbi Julia Andelman)

Expelling our Own Scapegoats (Rabbi Matthew Berkowitz)

The Great Escape (Marc Gary)


Vayera: Hagar, Vision and the Climate Crisis
Rabbi Maor Greene (RS ’22)

Aharei Mot: The Yoke of the Scapegoat
Rabbi Kendell Pinkney (RS ’22)

Vayera: The Akeda-Compassion and Judgement
Rabbi Blair Nosanwisch (RS ’21)

Yom Kippur: Justice and Ritual
with Rabbi Daniel Nevins and
Rabbi Miriam Liebman (RS ’18)