Your God is My God

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With these words, Ruth takes on Naomi’s religion. Ruth is emblematic of the process of becoming a Jew and these texts illuminate both her model and others of conversion.


Love for All (Judith Hauptman): The commandment to love the stranger as yourself as a connection to conversion at Sinai


Insight on Conversion from JTS Faculty

What the Rabbis of the Talmud Learned from
Naomi and Ruth

with Dr. Judith Hauptman

The Righteous Convert of Vilna
with Dr. David Fishman

Who Are You? A Question for All of Us
with Dr. Eliezer Diamond

Acquiring a New Past
with Rabbi David Hoffman

A Deer in the Sheepfold: A Conversion Tale
with Dr. Anne Lapidus Lerner

The Problem with the Convert
with Dr. David C. Kraemer

Topics in Talmud: Conversion
with Dr. David C. Kraemer