The Haggadah

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The order of the Seder is codified in the Haggadah. The text evolved over millennia, and varied regionally. The JTS Library has many illuminated and rare haggadot, including this manuscript which was found in the Cairo Geniza, marking the Seder rituals of the Jews of Palestine–note there are only two questions as opposed to four. Here are the digitized haggadot from the JTS Library.

The images on the Passover Learning landing page come from the Prato Haggadah, an illuminated manuscript that dates to 14th Century. It is part of the JTS Library Special Collections and has been displayed at the Met. Learn more about this haggadah and others in Special Collections here.


Between Words and Pictures: Medieval Illuminated Haggadot from the JTS Library
with Rabbi Mordecai Schwartz

The Corfu Haggadah
with Dr. David Kraemer

Haggadah Manuscripts from the JTS Library
with Dr. David Kraemer

New American Haggadah
with Jonathan Safran Foer