Purim Resources

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Human Autonomy and the Hidden God

Seeking God’s Face (video) by Rabbi Eliezer Diamond with Rabbi Bronwen Mullin
The Whimsy, Confusion, and Hope of Purim by Chancellor Arnold Eisen
God Helps Those Who Help Themselves by Dr. Raymond Scheindlin
Wearing the Crowns of Heaven by Dr. Ismar Schorsch
From Choice To Privilege (video) by Rabbi Eliezer Diamond
Parts of a Whole by Rabbi Abigail Treu


esther, vashti, and gender at Purim

Purim Heroines by Dr. Stefanie Siegmund
A Tale Of Two Queens (video) by Dr. Anne Lapidus Lerner
Purim Reversals by Rabbi Julia Andelman


Remembering Amalek

The Performance of Memory by Dr. Avinoam Patt
Amalek (a song) by Rabbi Jan Uhrbach
Memory: Judaism’s Lifeblood by Dr. Ismar Schorsch
A Threefold Method of Biblical Interpretation by Dr. Walter Herzberg
“Do Not Forget.” by Rabbi Marc Wolf
Remembering to Forget by Rabbi Andrew Shugerman
Taming the Beast of Extremism by Dr. Ismar Schorsch
What We Are Asked to Remember by Rabbi Yehoshua Aizenberg


Purim Practices

The Laws of Purim from A Guide to Jewish Religious Practice by Rabbi Isaac Klein
Deepening Relationships On Purim by Rabbi Amichai Lau-Lavie


From The Eternal Light radio show

Little Purim (1951)
Purim: The Triumph of Understanding Over Hatred (1954)


Purim and the Parashah

Two Brothers, Two Candidates (Toledot) by Rabbi Joshua Heller
How We Wear Our Judaism (Tetzavveh) by Rabbi Lewis Warshauer
Clothing Ourselves in Sanctity (Tetzavveh) by Rabbi Matthew Berkowitz
From Behind a Cloud (Vayak-hel–Pekudei) by Rabbi Lewis Warshauer
Purim Vs. Vayikra: Order Vs. Chaos (Vayikra) by Rabbi Matthew Berkowitz