Purim Eve On (and Off) Broadway!

Rabbi Jan Uhrbach
| Purim By :  Jan Uhrbach Director of the Block / Kolker Center for Spiritual Arts Posted On Mar 16, 2022 / 5782 | Holidays

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For Ma’ariv (Evening Service) and Megillat Esther (Book of Esther), we will be using the Rabbinical Assembly’s newly published volume featuring a new translation of Esther by Dr. Pamela Barmash, an alumna of JTS’s Rabbinical School, and the translation of the evening service from Siddur Lev Shalem.

Watch Rabbi Jan Uhrbach’s interview with Dr. Pamela Barmash, which explores the intricacies of translating the Book of Esther and some of the unusual features of the original Hebrew.


Ma’ariv will be led by Rabbi Jan Uhrbach, with cameos by fourth-year cantorial student Ingrid Barnett.
Megillat Esther will be chanted by second-year cantorial student Gedalia Penner-Robinson.
Special thank you to rabbinical student Aiden Pink for operating the Megillat Esther slides.


• Jonathon Adler is a third-year rabbinical student.
• Ingrid Barnett is a fourth-year cantorial student.
• Anina Dassa is a second-year rabbinical student.
• Aden Fischer-Brown (piano) is the executive assistant/
program director of the Division of Religious Leadership.
• Talia Kaplan is a third-year rabbinical student.
• Marc Luban is a List College freshman.
• Justin Pellis is a first-year cantorial student.

• Rabbi Gordon Tucker (ordained at JTS) is Vice Chancellor for Religious Life and Engagement.
• Rabbi Jan Uhrbach (ordained at JTS) is the Acting Pearl
Resnick Dean of the JTS Rabbinical School, director of
the Block/Kolker Center for Spiritual Arts, and founding
rabbi of the Conservative Synagogue of the Hamptons in
Bridgehampton, New York.


• Lyrics by Rabbi Jan Uhrbach and Aiden Pink.
• Videos directed, edited, and produced by
Aden Fischer-Brown and Rabbi Jan Uhrbach.
• Videography by Christopher Hickey.
• A/V Design by Christropher Hickey, Larry Cameola,
and Aden Fischer-Brown.

• Translation of Megillat Esther, by Rabbi Pamela Barmash, © The Rabbinical Assembly.
• Translation of Ma’ariv from Siddur Lev Shalem,
© The Rabbinical Assembly. Both used with their gracious permission.