In Every Generation

In every generation, one must see oneself as if one had personally experienced the Exodus from Egypt. These resources show connections across time and place, highlighting the eternal nature of the struggle for redemption.


Evergreen Lessons from the Haggadah (Chancellor Shuly Rubin Schwartz): The haggadah commands us to experience slavery to develop historical empathy

From Generation to Generation Activism is Alive! (Jonathan Lipnick): Collective memory as a tool for engaging tikkun olam

“This Year We are Slaves”: How Do We Celebrate Freedom in the Face of Oppression?
(Eliezer B. Diamond): How a Seder in Buchenwald can resonate today

Remembering Pesah 1946 (Avinoam Patt): Exploring the first seder that took place in Germany after the Holocaust; here is the haggadah from that service.

The Secret of Shmurah Matzah (Matthew Berkowitz): The practice of observing the making of matzah recalls the all-night vigil of the Israelites

The Challenges of Change (Mona Fishbane): The importance of intergenerational telling and returning to the story each year

Pesah vs. Easter (Ismar Schorsch): Historically the role that Passover and Easter have played to their respective observers.

The Last Day of Passover (Alan Cooper): The eighth day of Passover is an opportunity to focus on the future