In Every Age

In Every Age

The story of the military victory of the small band of Maccabee fighters over the Assyrian army is reflected through the prisms of rabbinic learning and contemporary commentary to create a modern understanding of the holiday

Being Raised from the Pit (Rabbi Simeon Cohen, RS 17): The Story of Joseph, Dara Horn’s The Guide to the Perplexed, and Hanukkah

Why Did the Seleucid State “Persecute” the Jews? (Dr. Nathan Schumer): Re-examining the actions that led to the Maccabee revolt

Short Videos

Revolutionaries at Home
with Dr. Alisa Braun

The Story of We
with Rabbi Stephanie Ruskay

A Hanukkah Message from JTS Chancellor Shuly Rubin Schwartz (5781)

Long Video

The Modern Maccabee: Exploring the Heroic Identity of Israel through Art
with Rabbi Matt Berkowitz

Telling the Hanukkah Story
with Dr. David Kraemer