Getting to ‘Sorry’

| Rosh Hashanah Yom Kippur By :  Shira D. Epstein Former Dean of the William Davidson School, JTS Posted On Sep 26, 2016 / 5777 | Sound Bytes | Holidays

Forgiving and Asking Forgiveness: Sound Bytes for the High Holidays 5777

BT Bekhorot 57b

Once, the egg of a [Ziz]* fell and it flooded sixteen cities and destroyed three hundred cedar trees.

פעם אחת נפלה ביצת בר יוכני*, וטבעה ששים כרכים, ושברה שלש מאות ארזים.

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*In this text, the bird is called a bar yokhni, however, former JTS professor Louis Ginzberg z”l explains that this is identified by later authorities as the same bird as the Ziz. (Legends of the Jews, vol. 1, p. 32, n. 139)