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Jan 26

Between the Lines: When I Grow Up

Online | Book Talks | Library Events | Online Learning

Join author Ken Krimstein when he discusses his book, When I Grow Up, a graphic narrative based on newly discovered, never-before-published autobiographies of Eastern European Jewish teens on the brink of WWII—found in 2017 hidden in a Lithuanian church cellar.

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Jan 31

Emotions and Reason, Experience and Intellect: Two Views of the Book of Psalms

Online | Judaism and the Inner Life Series | Online Learning

Dr. Benjamin Sommer examines the “psalms of crisis” in the Book of Psalms, and discusses several theories about the main emphasis of these psalms—whether complaint, plea, or sudden change of mood. He will connect those theories to varied conceptions of prayer in Jewish tradition. Part of our spring learning series, The Power of Emotion: Judaism and the Inner Life.

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Feb 1

Online Learning for Teens: The Origins of Human Difference

Online | Online Learning

JTS is excited to pilot an online course for teens this winter under the auspices of the Ivry Prozdor High School.

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Feb 2

When Jews Made Fellow Jews ‘Other’: Hasidism and Its Opponents

Online | Online Learning

Dr. David Fishman will study the conflict between the Hasidim and Mitnagdim and reflect on how the core principles of the dispute continue to shape our Jewish lives and guide our homes and institutions. Part of ScholarStream, a partnership of the Conservative Movement.

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Feb 7

Online Course: Jews and the Left: A History

Online | Community Courses | Online Learning

This course will focus on the relationship between Jews and left-wing politics in Europe, the Land of Israel, and the United States from the French Revolution until the fall of Communism. With Dr. David Fishman.

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