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Apr 17

Defying All Categories: Witches in the Talmud

Online | Online Learning | Public Lectures & Events | The Space In Between

Dr. Marjorie Lehman, professor of Talmud and Rabbinics, JTS, takes a closer look at the way the Rabbis of the Talmud describe women on the margins of rabbinic culture.

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Apr 18

Healing Torah: A Series of Workshops for Spiritual and Emotional Caregivers in Jewish Life  

Online | Clergy: Continuing Ed | Online Learning | Pastoral Education

A series of online workshops for healing professionals.

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Apr 20

How to Confront Anti-Religious Bigotry

Online | Interreligious Dialogue | Online Learning | Public Lectures & Events

Join our distinguished multifaith panel for a discussion about the problem of anti-religious bigotry and how interfaith cooperation can serve as a bulwark against bias.

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Apr 20

The Ketubbah: What It Reveals About Jewish Life Through the Ages

Online | Online Learning

In this course, Dr. Stefanie Siegmund explores how and when the ketubbah evolved from a legal marriage contract to a meaningful work of art, and what we can learn about Jewish social customs and economic relations by tracing this journey.

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Apr 23

Jews and Christians Read the Bible

New York State | Interreligious Dialogue | Public Lectures & Events

This session, led by Dr. Robbie Harris, JTS, examines the commonalities and differences between Jews and Christians in their study of the Bible, the relationships and mutual influences that rabbis and churchmen had on one another, and in particular, the arguments through which they typically interacted.   

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