B’ruchim ha’Ba’im—Welcome

As a community that brings together diverse voices in common purpose, we’re eager to meet you. Come daven and sing with us. Join classes and coaching sessions. Attend a chorus rehearsal. See how we cultivate religious leadership through music, prayer, pastoral care, and learning for today’s Jewish community.

We offer a variety of ways to help you discover whether JTS is the place for you to seek your cantorial training.

  • Talk to the Admissions Director: If you are looking for more information about our programs, contact csadmissions@jtsa.edu to set up a conversation with our admissions director via phone, Zoom or FaceTime.
  • Schedule a Visit: Contact csadmissions@jtsa.edu to schedule a customized visit to the JTS campus. Our staff will arrange meetings for you with our incomparable faculty, deans, current students, and admissions team.
  • Admissions on the Road: Request an information session at your current campus or in your city. These visits are a wonderful opportunity to learn more about our diverse programs, ask questions, and meet other prospective students.

To request an information session or virtual conversation, please contact the Admissions Office at csadmissions@jtsa.edu.