| Sukkot By :  The Jewish Theological Seminary Posted On Oct 2, 2015 / 5776 | דבר אחר | A Different Perspective | Holidays

Ushpizin, (literally, “guests”) is the tradition of inviting the exalted men and women of the Bible into our sukkot. Each year, since 5772, professional and novice artists including JTS students, faculty, and staff have taken the concept of ushpizin as the centerpiece and inspiration for an art installation in the famed sukkot built each year in the JTS courtyard. Part of the JTS Arts Initiative, the sukkot exhibit is managed under the guidance of Tobi Kahn, JTS artist-in-residence.

Clockwise, from top left: Maya Orli Cohen, Dr. Eleni Litt, Danielle Kohanzadeh (LC ’16), Rabbi Mira Rivera (RS ’15), Richard McBee, Yona Verwer