To Build a New Home: Celebrating the Jewish Wedding

By :  Library of the Jewish Theological Seminary / 5782 | Library Programs

May 18 – August 14, 2022

To Build a New Home: Celebrating the Jewish Wedding featured a collection of rare materials illustrating the creative, often surprising, evolution of Jewish marriage practices over centuries.  

The many treasures on view included lavishly decorated ketubbot, marriage contracts, from 17th and 18th century Italy; a 13th-century French religious compendium outlining marriage rituals and including a bawdy wedding poem; a fragment from a 12th-century prenuptial agreement; and from the modern era, a ketubbah making it possible for Jewish women to initiate a religious divorce.  

“To Build a New Home” showed the remarkable development of Jewish marriage from Talmudic times to the present—and the rich streams of tradition and innovation in Jewish life throughout history.

Multimedia Content

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The Huppah

Venetian Ketubah

A Karaite Ketubah