The Jews of Corfu: Between the Adriatic and the Ionian

By :  Library of the Jewish Theological Seminary / 5782 | Library Programs

August 24 – November 23, 2022

This unprecedented exhibition offered a window into the rich history and culture of the little-known Jewish communities of Corfu. Columbia University and JTS, two of the world’s largest repositories of rare materials from Corfu, displayed a selection of illustrated prayer books, historical documents, celebratory poems, and elaborately decorated ketubbot telling the story of the island’s vibrant, distinct, and sometimes contentious Jewish communities. Situated on a major trade route, these communities thrived under Venetian and then Greek rule from the Middle Ages until 1944, when the Jews of Corfu were almost entirely annihilated by the Nazis. 

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The Corfu Haggadah

Show & Tale: The Jews of Corfu