Preparing for Pesah

Preparing for Pesach can feel like a marathon leading to the Seders. As former JTS Chancellor Ismar Schorsch writes, “It took God but six days to create the world; it took my mother at least twice that long to prepare for Passover.” These resources offer ways to help with this preparation, both in terms of the halakha and practical applications.


The Rabbinical Assembly Pesach Guide 5784

The Laws of Passover (From Klein, Isaac. A Guide to Jewish Religious Practice. New York, Jerusalem: Jewish Theological Seminary of America, 1979)

The Primacy of Questions (Joel Seltzer): This commentary explores the types of questions we should ask before Passover begins

The Light of Passover (David Hoffman): Searching for chametz

A Spiritual Caution for This Season (David Hoffman): “Don’t let your immersion in the details of the laws of Passover…obscure the pain of others in your community”


Webinar: Preparing Your Kitchen for Passover
with Rabbi Mordecai Schwartz

Men and Women: In the Kitchen and at the Seder
with Dr. Judith Hauptman

Webinar for First-Time Seder Leaders
with Rabbi Julia Andelman