Living Yiddish in New York

By :  Library of the Jewish Theological Seminary / 5783 | Library Programs

April 20, 2023 – October 5, 2023

This exhibit introduced visitors to rare archival materials that provided a snapshot of New York City as an important center of modern Yiddish culture. Between 1880 and 1924, approximately two million Eastern European Jews immigrated to the United States. Many of them settled in New York City, which by 1914 was home to 1.4 million Jews, among them the world’s largest urban population of Yiddish speakers.

Materials on display include examples of the ways Yiddish-speaking Jews responded to the challenges of their new home, while also ensuring the continuity of Yiddish culture. Through this collection of historic images and documents, visitors will witness the living Yiddish culture of one of the world’s greatest cities.


Newspapers, Living Yiddish in New York
Postcards, Living Yiddish in New York