Jewish Community Voices from Ukraine

By :  David Fishman Professor of Jewish History Posted On Apr 7, 2022 / 5782

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, millions of people have been forced to make impossible decisions. Jewish community organizations responded to the needs of these communities. Dr. David Fishman will moderate a discussion between Tania Batanova, Sasha Nazar, and Reuven

Stamov, three leaders from the Ukrainian Jewish Community. They will share their reflections on life before the war, their personal and communal responses to the Russian invasion, and the ongoing struggle both within and outside Ukraine. This is a unique opportunity hear from people directly impacted by the war on the realities Ukrainians are facing today.


  • Tetyana Batanova is the head of the Judaica Department at the Vernadsky National Library and the Secretary of the Ukrainian Association for Jewish Studies. She lives in Kyiv and will be speaking from her home there.
  • Sasha Nazar is the head of the volunteer center at the L’viv Jewish Community Center. He has been coordinating efforts to receive and house refugees at the center.
  • Reuven Stamov is the rabbi of the Masorti community in Kyiv. This community spent the first two weeks of the war in Chernovtsy. Reuven is now in Jerusalem. 


David Fishman, JTS Professor of Jewish History, Director of Project Judaica, JTS’s program in Ukraine based at Kyiv-Mohyla Academy University. He also orchestrates the Jewish Archival Survey, which publishes guides to Jewish archival materials in Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine.

Rabbi Julia Andelman, Director of JTS Department of Community Engagement

Donations for this event supported the organizations represented by our speakers: Emergency Campaign for Masorti/Conservative Communities in Ukraine, JDC Emergency in Ukraine Fund, and the Ukrainian Association for Jewish Studies.

Sponsored by JTS Department of Community Engagement and Project Judaica