Project Judaica

The Jewish Theological Seminary conducts a joint academic program in Jewish Studies at the National University Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (NUKMA) in Kiev, which:

  • Trains accredited specialists in Jewish history and culture within the framework of Ukrainian higher education.
  • Trains the future leaders of Ukrainian Jewish communities.
  • Acquaints college students with Jewish history and civilization.
  • Locates and records all archival collections in Russia and Ukraine that are related to Jewish history and culture.
  • Publishes guides to Jewish archival sources in Russia and Ukraine, making these resources accessible to interested researchers.

Project Judaica students pursue their university’s general curriculum while majoring in Jewish history and culture over a four-year program of study.

Instruction is provided by visiting professors from JTS and local instructors in Hebrew and Yiddish languages, Bible, Rabbinic literature, Jewish history, Jewish philosophy and thought, and modern Jewish literature and culture.

The Jewish Archival Survey

The end of the Soviet Union provided an unprecedented opportunity to investigate materials on Jewish history and culture held in Russian and Ukrainian archives that had been unavailable to researchers for many decades. Project Judaica directs the Jewish Archival Survey (JAS) to locate, record, and describe Jewish archival resources throughout the former Soviet Union. The Jewish Archival Survey has published nine archival guides to date, covering Moscow, St. Petersburg, Belarus, Kyiv (Kiev), and various regions of Ukraine. Further guides are currently in progress. The Jewish Archival survey is conducted by JTS and the Archival Service of Ukraine.


With Assistance from the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany
Sponsored by the Foundation Remembrance, Responsibility and Future
Supported by the German Federal Ministry of Finance