The Accreditation Process

JTS’s ongoing accreditation is the result of a collaborative assessment process in which faculty, staff, trustees, and students from JTS, peer evaluators from similar institutions, and professional accreditors from MSCHE evaluate the institution’s efforts towards continuous improvement and ongoing compliance.  

Accreditation must be regularly re-affirmed through a wide-ranging process known as the Self-Study and subsequent Self-Study Evaluation Visit. The Self-Study is a regularized, formal opportunity for JTS to evaluate its academic, operational, and governance components, assessing strengths, identifying areas for improvement, and invigorating conversations around JTS priorities, goals, and development. 


Over fifty staff, faculty, trustees, and students are currently involved in the JTS Self-Study and will produce a Self-Study Report for MSCHE in 2024. A team of peer evaluators will then visit JTS in AY 2024-2025 to assess the Self-Study Report and JTS’ ongoing compliance with accreditation standards. 

Through the current Self-Study, the JTS community aims to: 

  1. Demonstrate how JTS currently meets the Commission’s Standards for Accreditation and Requirements of Affiliation; 
  1. Focus on continuous improvement in the attainment of the JTS mission and institutional priorities; 
  1. Engage the institutional community in an inclusive and transparent self-appraisal process that actively and deliberately seeks to involve members from all areas of our institutional community; 
  1. Bring together various constituencies to celebrate improvement since our last self-study and identify ways to strengthen and grow so that we may carry out the JTS mission for years to come; 
  1. Strengthen ongoing planning and assessment processes as a reflection of the JTS commitment to continuous improvement; and 
  1. Promote collaboration and synergy across departments and campus constituencies. 

More information regarding the JTS approach to the Self-Study, institutional priorities and assessment goals, and a timeline for the current reaccreditation cycle can be found in the JTS Self-Study Design, which was presented to the JTS community in March 2023 as part of an introductory visit with our current MSCHE institutional liaison, Dr. Paul Starkey. Dr. Starkey subsequently approved the Self-Study Design on behalf of the Commission in May 2023.