The William Davidson School provides intensive leadership training, builds collective wisdom through research, and weaves together diverse perspectives to revitalize Jewish learning. We cultivate talented thinkers, doers, and visionaries in Jewish education, preparing them to inspire and guide the Jewish world. Our alumni span the world, leading day schools, Jewish communal organizations, early childhood centers, and more.

We view the emerging Jewish future with hope and confidence. Now is the time for all of us to build that future together for the common good.

Professional Leadership Programs

Our professional leadership programs train educators at all stages of their careers to shape Jewish education in their communities.

The William Davidson School is at the forefront of guiding and supporting day schools across denominations, including Modern Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, and community day schools. Our training programs help prepare alumni to serve in leadership positions in schools throughout North America.

Day School Leadership Training Institute (DSLTI)

DSLTI prepares new aspiring heads of Jewish day schools by providing engaging experiential learning opportunities, cutting-edge leadership development, ongoing mentoring, and the chance to collaboratively problem-solve with peers.

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Jewish Day School Standards and Benchmarks

TheJewish Day School Standards and Benchmarks program strengthens day school educators’ abilities to achieve high-quality outcomes for students by applying research-based standards and benchmarks to the study of Tanakh (Bible) and rabbinic texts.

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Ivriyon Hebrew Immersion

Ivriyon prepares educators seeking to strengthen their Hebrew skills so that they may teach their students Judaic subjects authentically and effectively.

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Jewish Early Childhood Institutes

Jewish Early Childhood Education Leadership Institute (JECELI)

JECELI brings together new and aspiring directors of Jewish early childhood centers—representing a range of denominations—to develop as organizational leaders and as purpose-driven, spiritual individuals through a combination of interactive seminars, online collaborative study, and intensive mentoring.

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Research, Design, and Publications

The William Davidson School supports educational leaders’ work by providing field-based research, hosting national conferences that bring together both scholars and practitioners, and producing valuable publications that clarify outcomes for Jewish education and help guide change in institutions and communities.

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