Remembering Dr. Israel Francus (z”l) and Dr. Avraham Holtz (z”l)

JTS mourns the passing of two beloved JTS professors, Dr. Israel Francus (zl), the Judge Abraham Lieberman Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus of Talmudic Exegesis of JTS and Dr. Avraham Holtz (zl), Simon H. Fabian Professor Emeritus of Hebrew Literature.

Chancellor Schwartz spoke at each of their funerals. Read excerpts from her eulogies.   
Professor Francus’ eulogy  
Professor Holtz’s eulogy

View Dr. Israel Francus’ funeral, which was at JTS on November 15, 2023.

View the Day of Learning in Memory of Dr. Francus and Dr. Holtz held at JTS on January 23, 2024.