Message from the List College Dean

It is a unique privilege to work with our List College students, who are one of a kind. List students engage in a rigorous program that combines Jewish and secular studies, and are committed to pursuing a rich and vibrant intellectual and religious life. Our students are intellectually curious and sophisticated, passionate and dedicated, kind and compassionate. It is joy to be able to guide these students through our program, and a thrill to see them enter and inhabit their adult lives and selves.

While immersing themselves in Jewish and secular studies, List College students develop their critical minds and their Jewish identities, finding their place and their voices within Judaism’s texts and traditions. They also make their mark! While at List College, our students pursue internships, jobs, and extracurricular activities that enhance their List experience. These experiences, along with their classroom learning, prepare them to be thoughtful, ethical leaders and participants in the world and communities they will help shape.

I have no doubt that the future will be brighter for what our List students will contribute to it. Our students graduate prepared to work and live in the 21st century. I am certain they will shape and lead the Jewish community going forward. List College students and alumni are the assurance of Jewish continuity and the proof of Jewish vitality.

Dr. Amy Kalmanofsky

Dean of List College and Blanche and Romie Shapiro Associate Professor of Bible