IRA Rollover

IRA Charitable Rollovers

You may be eligible to minimize your tax liability and maximize the value and impact of your gift to JTS from your Individual Retirement Account (IRA), if you qualify and take the appropriate steps by December 31.

Donors 70½ and older can make direct transfers of up to $100,000 per year directly from their IRAs to JTS without tax implications. However, the charitable distribution will be counted to satisfy the required minimum distribution.*

Because the check must go directly from your IRA, payable to JTS, it is important that you contact your IRA administrator and/or professional advisor beforehand to ensure that your gift will qualify for tax-free treatment.

Contact your IRA plan administrator for their specific transmittal form or download this sample qualified charitable distribution letter to request a gift transfer from your IRA to JTS.

* Transfers of IRA gifts to donor advised funds, supporting organizations, charitable gift annuities, private family foundations, or charitable remainder trusts do not qualify for the exemption. The gift is not eligible for an additional charitable income tax deduction but is not counted as income.