Session I: Undergraduate Mini-Semester

This is a unique learning experience in which students explore the riches of the Bible and rabbinic literature. Courses are given only at the undergraduate level and are open to students of JTS’s Albert A. List College of Jewish Studies, as well as undergraduates enrolled at other universities. Outside students need to demonstrate proficiency in Hebrew beyond the introductory level.

Enrollment in this intensive program is limited; students are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Because of the intensity of the courses, attendance is mandatory. Students are allowed one excused absence, as determined by the instructor. Classes meet six days a week, Sunday through Friday, and each course earns three credits.

2024 Dates
May 13–May 30

2024 Session I Courses

BIB 3309: The Genesis of Exegesis (3 credits)
Robert Harris
[SMTWRF 12:30–3:10 p.m. ET]
Our course will explore the ways in which the classic commentators of the 11th-12th centuries (e.g., Rashi, Rashbam, Ibn Ezra and others) read the narratives of Genesis.  It will include units on plot, character and narrative poetics.  Students should have completed Hebrew Bet 2.

RLC 3013: What Does It Min? An Introduction to Early Rabbinic Literature Through Heretics and Heresy (3 credits)
Benjamin Kamine
[SMTWRF 9:00–11:40 a.m. ET]
In this course, we will meet rabbinic literature through the lens of the Hebrew word for heretic, min.   We’ll explore usages across Tannaitic literature, mapping the rabbinic creation of this catch-all category.  In the process, we’ll learn something about how deciding what you’re against tells us what you’re for.

Note: Current JTS students can register online by going to MyJTS.

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Registration and Deadlines

For JTS Students

  • Current JTS students can register online by going to MyJTS.

For newly admitted List College students


Acceptance emails will be sent out beginning in late April, which will include registration information. Should you apply after April, applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

The cost of each course is $2,316, inclusive of all fees. Payment will be required in full upon enrollment.

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