Applying for Deferral

Admitted first-year students may request to defer their enrollment to List College for up to one year. Students who wish to defer their admission must receive approval by writing to the Office of Admissions at lcadmissions@jtsa.eduStudents seeking a deferral for more than one year will be advised to withdraw their application and re-apply for admissions for the academic year in which they intend to enroll.

Deferral requests should indicate the program or activity the student will pursue prior to enrollment and how this activity will enhance their List College education and experience. The Office of Admissions and the Dean’s Office jointly review and approve deferral requests. Deferral requests do not factor into admissions committee decisions.

Gap Year Transfer Credits

Transfer credit from gap year programs is subject to approval by the List College Dean’s Office. All deferring students are advised to confer with the Dean’s Office before selecting the academic program for their gap year. Please refer to our academic policies for detailed information.