Extracurricular activities, campus events, and field work bring you and your fellow Davidson School students together to learn, worship, and give back. Our on-campus and off-campus programs foster spiritual, personal, and professional growth, giving you the chance to forge invaluable personal and professional connections with your peers, connections that will support you throughout your career and your life.

A Creative Community

Our campus life invites experimentation and innovation, encouraging you to explore your own connections to Judaism and find what feels most meaningful to you.

  • Daily Minyan: The William Davidson School students are invited to participate in the JTS-wide minyan, run by students and organized under the guidance of JTS clergy.
  • The Davidson School Student Organization (DSSO): The DSSO plans workshops and events focused on issues relevant to future Jewish educators and works closely with the other graduate-level student organizations and the Office of Student Life to coordinate programs for the larger student community.

Learning Outside the Classroom

We create opportunities for our students to learn from experts at all times.

  • Working with faculty and scholars: One-on-one meetings, evening lectures, and group discussions help you dig deeper and make connections among academic, spiritual, and professional conversations.
  • Building ties with mentors: You will work with senior educational leaders outside The William Davidson School faculty and staff who provide guidance, support, and feedback—even after graduation.

A Home in New York City

Your experience at The William Davidson School will take you to neighborhoods across all five boroughs. Field work at JCCs, Hillels, and other organizations, as well as cultural events and visits to world-renowned museums and institutions, put you in the middle of New York life, allowing you the opportunity to enjoy one of the most dynamic cities in the world.