Where Does the Jewish Future Begin? With You.

The Crossroads Campaign is the most ambitious campaign in our insitution’s history, an investment in the future of JTS, the North American Jewish community, and the kind of Judaism that sustains us. Through the Crossroads Campaign, we are raising funds for scholarships, programs, faculty, the JTS Library, and our endowment. An investment in JTS is an investment in the Jewish future. A gift at any level makes a real impact.


JTS shapes the leaders who shape the Jewish future. Hear from our alumni, the director of our renowned library, and the architects of the new JTS campus. 

Opportunities for Support

There are so many ways to support JTS’s Crossroads Campaign, at every level. Here are just some of the meaningful dedication opportunities available. To learn how you can be a part of JTS’s Crossroads Campaign, contact Dana Hartman at (212) 678-8866 or dahartman@jtsa.edu

Invest in Our:


Scholarships for:

  • The Rabbinical School
  • H. L. Miller Cantorial School
  • List College
  • Kekst Graduate School
  • The William Davidson School


  • The Rabbinical School Israel Program
  • List College Fellowship in Jewish Social Entrepreneurship
  • Center for Pastoral Education
  • Day School Leadership Training Institute
  • JustCity and CityStage High School Summer Institutes


  • Block / Kolker Center for Spiritual Arts
  • Millennial and Next Generation Engagement
  • Community Education
  • Community Online Learning
  • Hendel Center for Ethics and Justice


  • Continuing Rabbinic Education
  • Continuing Education for Jewish Educators
  • Office of Alumni Affairs
  • Rabbinic Training Institute


  • Synagogue Plaza
  • Seminar Room
  • Dorm Room
  • Seat in the Performance Space
  • Garden Bench in the JTS Courtyard
  • Mezuzah


  • Reading Room
  • Rare Book Room
  • Curated Library Book Collection
  • Lecture Series
  • Conservation of Rare Library Items
  • Bookshelf


  • Professorships
  • Dean of Student Life
  • Director, Israel Programs
  • Director, Fellowship in Jewish Social Entrepreneurship
  • National Director, Ramah Camps

And many more giving opportunities!


To learn how you can be a part of JTS’s Crossroads Campaign, contact Dana Hartman at (212) 678-8866 or dahartman@jtsa.edu.

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Are You a JTS Alum?

If you graduated from one of our schools, we invite you to explore our five alumni campaigns offering meaningful ways to target your gift toward a special program at your alma mater. 

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Why JTS?

A vibrant Jewish community begins with leadership. At JTS, we train leaders who inspire today’s Jews to seek meaning in Jewish life. You feel their impact in synagogues, JCCs, day schools, camps, universities, and more. The leaders we cultivate are shaping the Jewish world today and laying the groundwork for future generations. 

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