A Home for Jewish Imagination

Dr. David Kraemer describes the meaning and impact of the JTS Library, and the architects of our 21st Century Campus discuss their vision.

A World-Renowned Judaica Collection

It is impossible to overstate the significance of the JTS Library, which will open its new, state-of-the-art facility in fall 2020. 

The Library is a sacred home for a thousand years of Jewish experience. It is one of the world’s greatest collections of Jewish texts, art, history, thought, and culture. It is an unmatched resource for students, scholars, and thinkers of all backgrounds, Jewish and non-Jewish, who explore its unique and vast collections. Some of the rarest treasures of the Jewish people—from great Jewish cities and lost civilizations around the world—can be found here. It tells the history of Jewish knowledge, out of which Jewish wisdom is born.

Support the Library

The significance of the JTS Library collection for the entire Jewish world makes your support critical. There are many meaningful ways to support the Library, at every level:

  • Dedicate a space such as a reading room, a study room, a book shelf, or a mezuzah.
  • Name a collection of books, such as the Jewish theater collection or the Ketubbah collection.
  • Name an exhibition or book talk.
  • Restore and digitize books.
  • Sponsor periodical subscriptions.
  • Become a Library member.

To learn more about how you can be a part of sustaining the JTS Library, contact Dana Hartman at (212) 678-8866 or dahartman@jtsa.edu.

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