List College Writing Supplement

In addition to the personal essay that you will submit through the Common Application, List College asks all applicants to respond to institution-specific Writing Supplement questions. We recommend spending time to thoughtfully consider these questions and plan out your responses. These questions provide the Admissions Committee with an opportunity to learn more about you and how you will enhance our campus community both academically and personally.

Below are the List College Writing Supplement questions for students applying for Fall 2022 admissions. Please note that the questions may change from year to year.


Required: Describe how your experiences, both personal and academic, have shaped your decision to pursue your interest in the Joint Program. How have your academic experiences prepared you for the Joint Program, and what are your academic interests in, and aspirations for, the program? Successful essays should not only identify and describe specific elements of the Joint Program that meet your needs as a student, but should also explain how your Jewish studies at JTS complement the courses you intend to take at Columbia, and how this program is compatible with your future aspirations. (400 words max)


Required: At List College, the interdisciplinary discourse between the courses at Barnard and the Jewish studies courses at JTS is central to the academic experience. What excites you about interdisciplinary education and how does this type of learning fit your academic interests? Why are you interested in pursuing this unique course of study at List College? (300 words max)


Required: List College’s distinctive community promotes innovation and curiosity. Our students explore their identities, envision the future, and find comradery together. How do you imagine contributing to the Jewish living and learning community at List College? In what ways will Columbia/Barnard bolster your co-curricular and extra-curricular experience? (300 words max)

Optional: If you could choose one Jewish person—an historical figure, fictional character, or modern individual—to converse with for an hour, who would it be? Why does this person intrigue you? What would you talk about? What questions would you ask them? (300 words max)

*Women applying to both programs should complete both essay prompts.