Academic Policies


Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate Credit

Credit from qualifying AP and IB scores can count toward your List College elective requirements. List adheres to Columbia’s and Barnard’s standards to determine how much AP or IB credit to award and which AP or IB subjects and scores are eligible for credit.  
You should arrange to have your AP scores sent to Columbia (for Joint Program students this is done through List College) or Barnard (Double Degree students) for processing. The following links provide the respective AP and IB scores accepted for credit:

Transfer Credit 

A student who wishes to transfer credit for a college-level course taken at another institution of higher learning must submit an official transcript, syllabus, and course description to the Dean’s Office for approval. Students may only receive transfer credit for in-person course work taken for a letter grade at accredited institutions of higher education. No credit will be offered for courses that duplicate JTS’s offerings. No credit will be accepted for transfer in which a grade lower than C- was earned. Students considering Pass/Fail for a course taken outside List College in fulfillment of liberal arts requirements should note that unless the course is graded Pass/D/Fail, credit will not be awarded for a grade of P.

Entering students who wish to receive credit for college-level courses taken prior to enrolling in List College may only receive credit for work done after the junior year of high school on the campus of an accredited college or university. This work must not have been counted toward high school graduation requirements. Requests for transfer credit must be accompanied by official transcripts and made to the dean.  Pre-college credits may only be counted toward general elective credits at JTS. They can NOT be used toward the JTS core or the JTS major.

Students may bring in a maximum of 15 pre-college transfer credits, including those earned in connection with college-level courses taken at another accredited institution of higher learning (prior to becoming a matriculating student), and/or AP and IB scores.

Ulpan Credit 

Students who study Hebrew at another university may be eligible to receive transfer credit. For Ulpan classes taken at Israeli universities, students may be eligible to receive credit on the same basis as it is for courses offered during the regular academic year. Courses at the alefbet, or gimel level will be awarded up to 6 credits per semester, and courses at the dalet, heh, or vav level will be awarded up to 3 credits per semester. Students who receive transfer credit for Hebrew must still be examined upon their return to campus to reassess their placement.