Times of Crisis and Possibility

Times of Crisis and Possibility
By :  The Jewish Theological Seminary Posted On Aug 10, 2020 | Monday Webinar Times of Crisis and Possibility

A series of online classes exploring pivotal moments in the Jewish experience

Imagining a New World When Your Old One Collapses: The Rabbinic Response to the Destruction of the Temple
with Dr. David Kraemer

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Beyond the Flag: The Religious Dimensions of Yom Ha’atzma’ut
with Rabbi Eliezer Diamond

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Life Under Siege: The Talmud’s Take on Trying Times
with Dr. Sarah Wolf

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What Should an Educated Jew Know?
When and Why This Question Emerged in the 18th Century—and Continues to Confound Us

with Dr. Jack Wertheimer

Fake News and the Resurgence of Antisemitism
with Dr. Shuly Rubin Schwartz

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The Immigration Crises Then and Now:
What Are the 21st Century Possibilities?

with Ruth Messinger

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Is There a Jewish Continuity Crisis?
with Dr. Michal Raucher

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Literature as Lifeline: What were Jews Reading and Writing in the Ghettos?
with Dr. Edna Friedberg

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“A Time to Weep”: The Power of Lament in Times of Crisis
with Dr. Alan Cooper

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Remembering the Pandemic:
Learning from Yehuda Amichai

with Dr. Barbara Mann

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In the Wake of the Golden Calf:
Is God Punishing Us?
with Dr. Yedida Eisenstat

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The Promise and Perils of Revolution:
Jewish Life in the Soviet Union After 1917
with Dr. David Fishman

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The End of Days in Isaiah:
Coming Soon (and Still Waiting)
with Dr. Benjamin Sommer

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Israel’s Prophets as Innovators During Crisis
with Dr. Amy Kalmanofsky

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Halakhic Responses to Past Pandemics
with Rabbi Daniel Nevins

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First Failures: Falling Apart and Starting Over
in the Book of Genesis

with Rabbi Jan Uhrbach

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