Thinkers with an Educational Orientation: Exploring the Universal and the Particular

Posted On Feb 12, 2017 | Jewish Learning and the Non-Jew | Philosophy

Ari Ackerman: “Universalism and Jewish Nationalism in the Educational Philosophy of Mordecai Kaplan”

Daniel Marom: “Jewish Educational Roots and Implications of Zamenhof’s Global Esperanto Movement”

Chair: Bill Robinson

This session was part of “Jewish Learning and the Non-Jew,” the 2017 Melton Coalition for Creative Interaction conference, hosted by JTS’s William Davidson Graduate School of Jewish Education. The Melton Coalition for Creative Interaction is a collaboration of the three centers endowed by Samuel M. Melton z”l at JTS, the Hebrew University, and The Ohio State University.

Ari Ackerman is the dean of the Schechter Institute in Jerusalem, where he teaches course in the areas of Jewish philosophy and education. He received his Ph.D. in Jewish thought from Hebrew University and his critical edition of the sermons of Zerahia Halevi Saledin recently appeared (Beer Sheva University Press, 2013). He is currently working on a monograph on creation and codification in the philosophy of Hasdai Crescas.

Daniel Marom leads the development of curriculum and pedagogy at the Mandel School for Educational Leadership in Jerusalem. Marom’s research and publications focus on the educational ideas of Israeli and Jewish thinkers and he has developed model curricula for Israeli and Jewish education on the basis of these ideas in a wide range of settings. As a member of the founding group of the Mandel Foundation’s endeavors in Israel, he launched the Foundation’s publication program, editing its Monographs series and co-editing Visions of Jewish Education; Dialogue of the Disparate: Jewish Interethnic Encounter at the Shevach-Moffet High School in Tel Aviv; and Weekly Word from the Bible: Ancient Hebrew Culture for Toddlers according to the Educational Vision of Haim Nachman Bialik. He also established the Mandel Visions Unit in 2004 and directed it until 2010.