The American Jewish Conversation about Israel

Posted On Apr 30, 2015 / 5775 | Israel

The 2015 Gerson D. Cohen Memorial Lecture

JTS hosts a discussion featuring:

  • J.J. Goldberg, Jewish Daily Forward editor-at-large
  • Jonathan Tobin, Commentary senior online editor and chief political blogger
  • Rabbi Melissa Weintraub, Cofounder and codirector of Resetting the Table: Open Conversations on Israel of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs


Once a great source of unity and pride for American Jews, Israel now often leads to impassioned conflict, heated debate, and even alienation within our community. These figures explore whether anything can and should be done to bridge our polarization; whether there should be any “red lines” in discussing Israel, either for individuals or for Jewish communal organizations; and how the way we talk to each other about Israel impacts the American Jewish community, especially among younger generations, and how it affects Israel.