Lighting the Darkness

Lighting the Darkness

In the northern hemisphere, we light the eighth Hanukkah candle on one of the darkest night of the year–the new moon closest to the winter solstice. These readings and videos explore the importance of increasing our light in dark times.

From Darkness into Light (Rabbi David Hoffman): Reflecting on a Rabbinic story of Adam celebrating a festival of light in dark days

Yosef: A Light in the Darkness (Dr. Eitan Fishbane): “the lessons of Vayeshev and Hanukkah intertwined: in these, the darkest hours of the year, the flames are lit to remind us of the wonder and beauty that is still possible”

The Hanukkah Story I Need to Hear this Year (Rabbi David Hoffman): The miracle of light reflected by 17th Century Scholar Jacob Falk


Lighting Up the Dark Days
with Rabbi Julia Andelman and
Rabbi Jessica Fisher (RS ’20)
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How to Be Righteous
with Rabbi Adam Zagoria-Moffet (RS’17)
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Creating the Light of Hanukkah
with Rabbi Eliezer Diamond


Light Up or Count Down? What a Debate About Hanukkah Candles Reveals
with Rabbi Jan Uhrbach

Praying for a Miracle: What Hanukkah Teaches Us About Hope During Difficult Times
with Rabbi Naomi Kalish