Ki Tavo

Ki Tavo Posted On Jan 1, 1980 | Haftarah Reading

This translation was taken from the JPS Tanakh

Isaiah 60:1-22

Chapter 60

1 Arise, shine, for your light has dawned;
The Presence of the Lord has shone upon you!
2 Behold! Darkness shall cover the earth,
And thick clouds the peoples;
But upon you the Lord will shine,
And His Presence be seen over you.
3 And nations shall walk by your light,
Kings, by your shining radiance.

4 Raise your eyes and look about:
They have all gathered and come to you.
Your sons shall be brought from afar,
Your daughters like babes on shoulders.
5 As you behold, you will glow;
Your heart will throb and thrill — 
For the wealth of the sea shall pass on to you,
The riches of nations shall flow to you.
6 Dust clouds of camels shall cover you,
Dromedaries of Midian and Ephah.
They all shall come from Sheba;
They shall bear gold and frankincense,
And shall herald the glories of the Lord.
7 All the flocks of Kedar shall be assembled for you,
The rams of Nebaioth shall serve your needs;
They shall be welcome offerings on My altar,
And I will add glory to My glorious House.

8 Who are these that float like a cloud,
Like doves to their cotes?
9 Behold, the coastlands await me,
With ships of Tarshish in the lead,
To bring your sons from afar,
And their silver and gold as well — 
For the name of the Lord your God,
For the Holy One of Israel, who has glorified you.
10 Aliens shall rebuild your walls,
Their kings shall wait upon you — 
For in anger I struck you down,
But in favor I take you back.
11 Your gates shall always stay open — 
Day and night they shall never be shut — 
To let in the wealth of the nations,
With their kings in procession.

12 For the nation or the kingdom
That does not serve you shall perish;
Such nations shall be destroyed.

13 The majesty of Lebanon shall come to you — 
Cypress and pine and box — 
To adorn the site of My Sanctuary,
To glorify the place where My feet rest.

14 Bowing before you, shall come
The children of those who tormented you;
Prostrate at the soles of your feet
Shall be all those who reviled you;
And you shall be called
“City of the Lord,
Zion of the Holy One of Israel.”
15 Whereas you have been forsaken,
Rejected, with none passing through,
I will make you a pride everlasting,
A joy for age after age.
16 You shall suck the milk of the nations,
Suckle at royal breasts.
And you shall know
That I the Lord am your Savior,
I, The Mighty One of Jacob, am your Redeemer.

17 Instead of copper I will bring gold,
Instead of iron I will bring silver;
Instead of wood, copper;
And instead of stone, iron.
And I will appoint Well-being as your government,
Prosperity as your officials.
18 The cry “Violence!”
Shall no more be heard in your land,
Nor “Wrack and ruin!”
Within your borders.
And you shall name your walls “Victory”
And your gates “Renown.”

19 No longer shall you need the sun
For light by day,
Nor the shining of the moon
For radiance [by night];
For the Lord shall be your light everlasting,
Your God shall be your glory.
20 Your sun shall set no more,
Your moon no more withdraw;
For the Lord shall be a light to you forever,
And your days of mourning shall be ended.
21 And your people, all of them righteous,
Shall possess the land for all time;
They are the shoot that I planted,
My handiwork in which I glory.
22 The smallest shall become a clan;
The least, a mighty nation.
I the Lord will speed it in due time.

Taken from Tanakh, The Holy Scriptures, (Philadelphia, Jerusalem: Jewish Publication Society) 1985.
Used by permission of The Jewish Publication Society. Copyright © 1962, 1992
Third Edition by the Jewish Publication Society. 
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