High Holiday Rare Materials

Audio Collection

The JTS Library has an extensive collection of audio recordings from individuals and communities that reflect the sounds of the High Holiday season. These examples illustrate the breadth of the collection: 

Cochin (India) Rosh Hashana Musaf (Recorded 1967)

Nusah from the Firenze (Florence) Jewish Community (Recorded 1967)

Selihot from Salonika (Recorded September 21, 1963)

The Song of Berditchev (from The Eternal Light, broadcast 1953): This dramatic recording from the JTS-NBC radio broadcast portrays Rabbi Yitzhak Levi of Berditchev taking on God during Yom Kippur services

JTS Postcard Collection

These are a select

These are a selected assortment from the large postcard collection of the JTS Library. Jews have been sending New Years greetings since the fourteenth century. As printing and mail systems improved, this practice became widespread. These pieces were printed in the United States, Europe, and Palestine and dovetail with a broader trend that was dubbed the “Great Post Card Craze”[1] of the early 20th century. 

[1] “Rosh Hashanah Postcards.” Hidden Treasures: Celebrating Jewish Archives in Britain. https://celebratingjewisharchives.org/news_feed/rosh-hashanah-postcards/.