From Slavery to Freedom


Freedom Through Torah (David Hoffman): Highlighting the connection to Shavuot and freedom through the giving of the Torah

A Noble Freedom (Tim Bernard): Freedom is something to aspire to

We were Slaves to Pharaoh in Egypt (Matthew Berkowitz, with Image): An image from the Lovell Haggadah shows the connection between slavery and freedom

Pesah: A Liberating Experience for Women (Judith Hauptman): The rabbis debated the role of women at the seder

Fear and Faith at the Exodus (Lilly Kaufman): The challenges of liberation and accepting the help we need

Miriam’s Song and the Role of Music in Prayer (Walter Herzberg): Interpretation of Miriam’s joyous reaction to freedom

The Dove and the Rabbit ( Matthew Berkowitz): The ethical demands of recalling slavery


Why is this Historic Event Different from All Other Historic Events
with Dr. Burton Visotzky

Two Kinds of Freedom
with Dr. Eliezer Diamond

Reclining for Equality
with Dr. Judith Hauptman

Into the Wilderness
with Dr. Alisa Braun

Does Judaism Oppose Slavery?
with Dr. David Kraemer